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Boxsa Automatic Swing Gate Machine
Boxsa Automatic Swing Gate Machine
Boxsa Automatic Swing Gate Machine
Boxsa Automatic Swing Gate Machine
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Sell Boxsa Automatic Swing Gate Machine

Specification of Boxsa Automatic Swing Gate Machine

Let's enjoy a safe and comfertable life easlily!!

Upgrade your life by completing the gate of your house, office and building with  BOXSA AUTOMATIC GATE MACHINE!

This automatic gate opening machine is designed to facilitate the activities of opening and closing your gate just by a single touch.

This machine is equipped with :

1. High Frequency Remote Control, allows you to control your gate remotely
2. In House Control Panel , allows you to control the activities of your gate from inside of your house.
3. Infrared Sensor , detect objects in front of it, so it can avoid a collisions.

Save your time and energy, no need to worry about the weather when you open and close the gate moreover it is safer because it reduces the possibility of spontaneouse crime!!

By purchasing this Boxsa Automatic Gate Machine you will get :

  1. 1 Set Swing Boxsa Automatic Gate Machine ( left and right )
  2. In House Control Panel Box
  3. Infrared Sensor
  4. 3pcs Remote Control
  5. 1 Set Swing Strip

Note :  max. 200Kg/gate

Then.. What are you waiting for?

Grab it fast and enjoy your modern life easily!!

For more information about this machine, you can contact us by phone or sent an email to Mulia Jaya Group contact that available in the contact column.

In addition to selling the automatic machine, we also sell Automatic Rolling Doors and profide contracting services for aluminium, iron, stainless etc

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